Northbound: Enchanting Eateries of Toronto

On a recent summer weekend, we ventured to Toronto to visit family. During my fifth trip to this vibrant and elegant city, I was drawn to restaurant spaces. El Catrin located in the heart of Distillary Historic District offers an eclectic ambiance celebrating the fun and festive vibe of Mexican decor.

Cluny Bistro on the outskirts of the Distillary Historic District has scrumptious desserts and pastries in it’s cafe. The restaurant offers modern French cuisine in a quirky French country setting.

Weslodge nestled on King Street in Fashion District is the epitome of a modern saloon complete with masculine finishes and traces of dainty femininity. This deserves an honorable mention though I don’t have any images to share.

Last, but not the least, Thompson Toronto is a classy affair. We were blessed with gorgeous weather, while admiring views of the city skyline and sipping cocktails on the hotel’s rooftop bar.

Image credits // El Catrin // Cluny Bistro // Thompson Toronto //

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