I come from a gardening lineage. My mother and my grandfather before her, were both expert gardeners who believed in absolute devotion and affection towards our green friends. I often stop and admire flora and fauna scattered around in various forms. Florist and plant shops stand for an admirable cause and ethereal beauty. Here are a few of my favorites in New York City.

The Sill

Adore Floral Inc.

Amy Merrick Flowers & Styling

Shu’s Flowers

Flora New York

VSF Flowers

A recent visit to the Poconos area required an overnight stay at the charming Hotel Fauchere in Milford, PA. The summer dining room, now known as the conservatory, provided 180-degree views of the hotel’s private garden – making you believe you were in a greenhouse. I love all the elements that are coming together in this space – the zebra animal print, the neon lime green, the spanish tiled floors, and finally the plants. The space conveys casual elegance and inspires to be one with nature.

Hotel Fauchere

I decided to bring some greenery into the apartment.  Bamboos are a must according to the principles of Chinese Feng Shui and the number of stalks matter. I have introduced two lucky bamboos (another term for spiral bamboo) as two bamboo stalks are an expression of love and this number is said to double one’s luck. I assumed this would be appropriate for the occasion of our first wedding anniversary.



I also brought five cuttings from my Mom’s money plant. I have planted these in a mason jar that was used as decor at my bridal shower.



In honor of the first week of fall, I introduced some seasonal flora as well.



Image credits // Hotel Fauchere //

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