Haute Hotels

The Belfry in Birmingham, UK was the venue for my friend’s civil ceremony and wedding reception. I was caught unaware when I discovered the golf resort and hotel to be absolute eye candy. Designed by Greyline Design, the lobby and the Brabazon Bar are an exceptional work of design. The emerald green leather bar stools are exquisite.

Greyline Design

Our abode in the heart of Diocletian Palace in Split, Croatia was Jupiter Hotel. One part of it was furnished with modern decor, while the other reflective of a rococo adaptation of ancient Roman life. The horse sculpture lamp had a striking presence in the lobby.

Hotel Jupiter Lobby 2
Jupiter Hotel
Hotel Jupiter Lobby
Jupiter Hotel
Jupiter Hotel

We honeymooned in Peru, which introduced us to Casa Andina line of hotels. Their most prestigious series is known as Private Collection. We stayed at these in Arequipa, Cusco and Machu Picchu Pueblo. The decor harmoniously blends the ancient Incan heritage of Peru along with Spanish colonial elements.





And then I fell in love with bulls. Interestingly, the bulls are not Incan. They predate the Incan empire and belong to the Pukara culture. These people were mainly farming folk and they also loved their bulls. Bulls were an important factor in agriculture and so the possession of bulls denoted wealth. Over the centuries, the Pukara bulls have become a symbol of good fortune, luck and prosperity. I chose green as this was to be the theme color of our apartment.



Llamas are also immensely popular and luckily happen to be incredibly adorable. I wanted to bring some home, but I speculated that notion would create some trouble with the Customs and Borders authorities. So instead I brought back this little family.



Since we now possess bulls and llamas, we decided to get into an animal collection hobby from our world travels. From Croatia, we brought back the unofficial national animal – a donkey couple.



Image credits // Greyline Design // Hotels.com //

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