A Splendidly Colorful Evening

A week was spent in India to gather my wedding trousseau. In addition to the traditional collection of jewelry, wedding garments, accessories and linen – I also scooped up miscellaneous magnificent goods even though the utilitarian value was uncertain.

Before going further, let’s stop and discuss the shopping district of Chandni Chowk for a minute. Chandni means moonlight and Chowk means square. In ideal diction, moonlight square sounds like a romantic retail wonder. In reality, it is Asia’s largest wholesale market and dates back to the 17th century, built by a Moghul emperor. If there was ever a word created to describe Chandni Chowk in present day, it is chaos. The pedestrian alleys have constant human, cycle, rickshaw and animal traffic. It is densely populated with wholesale shops spanning every possible industry – garment to electronics to diamonds to seasonal decor and everything else in between. In the productive six hours spent here on a very hot June day, tremendous feats were accomplished despite of the crazed surroundings. I will be crediting things acquired from Chandni Chowk as “missions”.

The first of this was the wedding invitation from Occasion in Delhi. (Mission #1) The vivid colors immediately were imprinted on my mind as an appealing colorscape.










Brocade gift bags from Kinari Bazaar in Chandni Chowk were filled with gum, energy bars, mints, cookies, fruit snacks and goldfish. (Mission #2) I hand-wrote the welcome tags bought from the office & stationary department of Marshalls with bronze and gold sharpie pens.

Photography by A.S. Nagpal Photography
Photography by A.S. Nagpal Photography

Matching brocade gift envelopes with brooches from Kinari Bazaar in Chandni Chowk. (Mission #3)

We only hired the decorator for the wedding and reception decor. The Sangeet, the pre-wedding music and dance party, was a complete DIY production. Our DJ lit up the stage with multi-color LED lighting and I wanted the centerpieces to be fun and sustainable. This meant, no flowers could be involved. I love the concept of colored glass and nothing translates this better visually than colorful Moroccan glass lanterns. My awesome cousin had them air-freighted from Janpath Market in New Delhi in the most delicate and effective packaging you have ever seen. Out of the 48 lanterns that traveled half way across the globe, 40 of them made it in one piece. I got a dozen tree candle holders from Save-on-crafts that would also double up as lantern holders. The trees were then placed on gold charger plates provided by the venue. All this made for a scrumptious centerpiece for a splendidly colorful evening, which was the Sangeet.

Photography by A.S. Nagpal Photography
Photography by A.S. Nagpal Photography
Photography by A.S. Nagpal Photography
Photography by A.S. Nagpal Photography
Photography by A.S. Nagpal Photography
Photography by A.S. Nagpal Photography

Our wedding was featured on Maharani Weddings – the ultimate Indian wedding planning resource.

Image credits // Photography by A.S. Nagpal Photography //

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