Party Decor – Handmade with Love

Over the years, there have been several family celebrations – and some have had documented decor details. Note to self, always take pictures of future events. Meticulous efforts have been made on color themes, invitations, and themed decor. Here is a look at these monumental occasions.

My Parent’s 30th Anniversary Party

I was a sophomore in college when my parents celebrated their silver jubilee anniversary. I cooked them a full 3-course meal, only a quarter of which was edible. Five years later, on the occasion of their 30th anniversary – I wanted to host a proper party in their honor. I also wanted to recreate nostalgic magic of their original wedding. So I did some thorough research by discussing intricate details of the wedding, such as the menu.

I sent out Evite invitations and then followed up with actual paper invitations. These consisted of pink/green/orange printed card stock along with a photo from their wedding. I used fushia recycled paper, rhinestones and translucent silver ribbon to complete the look. Please note my 24-year old hands writing out the addresses.

The party was held in the basement – entertainment featuring heart-warming speeches, dance/song performances and fun games. I used green and pink saris to drape across the wall to create a colorful backdrop. I also hung colorful lanterns made of shiny plastic-paper from the ceiling. Here is my Dad making a speech, with my Uncle in front seat audience.


How gorgeous is this picture of my parents with me and my cousins. The backdrop adds oodles of glamour. Also, my parents are wearing fresh flower garlands. Traditionally, when the bride and groom first meet at the wedding mandap, they adorn each other with an ornate floral garlands. In the interest of recreating wedding magic, a friend of mine with a family florist contact hand delivered the rose garlands. My Mom saved them as after drying the flowers.


And then of course, the cake had “Happy 30th Anniversary” written in pink and green.


A very special bridal shower

My cousin’s bridal shower back in 2012 was inspired by her wedding theme colors of pink, green, cream and brown. The first project was getting the invitations out. The graphics were designed by a close friend of the bride. I put together the printed card stock on pink paper and embellished each one with rhinestones and ribbons.





The chosen venue was Red in Red Bank, NJ. One entire wall of the space was a huge floor-to-ceiling window providing ambient lighting, however the rest of the room was dark – dark furniture, upholstery, lighting and floors. To liven up the space a little – we wanted to add some natural elements. We chose bamboo plants with custom labels containing the names of the bride and groom. To accompany the greenery, the venue provided votive candles to disperse throughout.

Photography by Maya Nachi
Photography by Maya Nachi
Photography by Maya Nachi
Photography by Maya Nachi
Photography by Maya Nachi
Photography by Maya Nachi

I picked up coordinated green and pink clip boards for some guest activities – reminiscing a favorite memory and advise for the bride. I added them to wicker baskets for guests to drop in their hand-written notes. There was also a customary guest sign-in board that my aunt created. This completed the scribe corner for guests.

Photography by Maya Nachi
Photography by Maya Nachi
Photography by Maya Nachi
Photography by Maya Nachi
Photography by Maya Nachi

The decor at the bar was borrowed from the engagement party. These cupcake holders had LED tealights and candles to provide a soft iridescent quality to the space.

Photography by Maya Nachi
Photography by Maya Nachi
Photography by Maya Nachi

The menu cards were printed on cream card stock with motifs inspired by the bridal shower invitations. I handed them out in mesh bags in theme colors of pink, green and cream. These bags also had color coordinated index cards and pens for the scribe corner.


Photography by Maya Nachi

We opted for a red velvet cake decorated with pink flowers, green and brown polka dots.

Photography by Maya Nachi
Photography by Maya Nachi

Last but not the least, the signature cocktail, Jayatini comprised of Prosecco, Stoli raspberry vodka, St. Germain elderflower liquor, club soda and cranberry juice.

Photography by Maya Nachi
Photography by Maya Nachi

Mehndi Party

The Mehndi party was hosted by my Mom at home. We had purchased the decor from India – my hometown Ahmedabad and our beloved Chandni Chowk. The guests entered from the garage, which was majorly renovated with new floors and refreshed walls. Isn’t this the cleanest garage you have ever seen? My Dad worked very hard at repainting the walls and floors. Props!




I wanted to reuse elements from my parent’s 30th anniversary party – so I brought out the parrot/lime green and pink saris (recycle #2) and draped them in hallways, doorways and passageways. I added elements of gold, green and pink netted mesh fabric. I accentuated all this with string lights and mirror embellished ribbons in orange and pink.






My Roka ceremony

I was quite taken with photo backdrops and wanted a DIY backdrop that was ethnic and colorful. We used plumbing pipes and connectors to create a frame and held it with heavy cement bricks to add stability to the structure. This structure was draped with the green and pink saris (recycle #3). The pink mesh fabric was added along with the mirror embellished ribbons in pink and orange. To bring this full circle, we draped ottomans with pink saris for matching seating!

DSC_0026 2






Notice how I camouflaged my outfit to the decor? All in the interest of superior synergy with event decor. No, this wasn’t planned. But a nice coincidence, right?

Image Credits // Photography by Maya Nachi //

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