‘Tis the Season of Holiday Mail

I love sending holiday greetings. Actually, it’s more of a mandatory ritual for me. The holiday season just doesn’t commence for me until my cards are addressed, stamped and inside the USPS mailbox. Over the years, I have scribed messages to a selected family and friends using holiday cards from Papyrus, Paper Source and Anthropologie . After getting married last year, the sendee roster grew to just under a hundred. So this meant the end of personalized hand-written efforts. Someday, I will revive this arduous task filled with affection.

The wedding themed holiday cards worked well for 2014 as no one had seen our official wedding photographs through virtual or paper medium. This is was the final product from Snapfish.


As newlyweds, I was keen on the return address label being unique and reflecting on us as a super married couple. To the point that I wanted it to have a written-in-stone quality. Stones are heavy and would require lots of stamps. The next best thing? Self-inking stamps, of course. I ordered ours from 2712 Designs. It was fabulous and I used it for the wedding thank you notes as well as the holiday greetings. I shall be using it again this year for holiday cards (as we are at the same address).


For 2015, wedding photographs could no longer be recycled. I had also set myself up for great expectations from everyone for sending awesome mail. So, it was time to participate in an official holiday photo-shoot. I called in the expertise of the family photographer – my brother-in-law, Rajesh. Here are some pictures that didn’t make the final holiday card to give you a flavor for the theme I was trying to go for. Being bang-on in terms of holiday theme proved to be more difficult than I had anticipated. I hope to improve upon this in 2016.

The holiday cards came from Zazzle. I always have trouble writing addresses in perfect straight lines. To address this address problem, I used a template to aid in keeping my lines straight.






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