Union Station – Denver, CO

Originally built in 1894, the Union Station in Denver received a grand renovation in 2014. I have a huge design crush on this fabulous revival. I am very excited to present my exclusive photographs.


We had lunch at Terminal Bar. The food, like everywhere else in Denver, is spectacular. They carry a great assortment of local beer.



The furniture and accessories throughout has a glamorous antique theme.


The Crawford Hotel, a luxury hotel, is housed in the iconic station. Featured here is a part of the lobby.


For keen readers and serious workers, there are plenty of stylish workstations.


Nothing completes the antique quota without a genuine truck, equestrian leather and canvas details.


How fun to use ancient catalog cabinets and and antiquated weigh scale.

This blend of velvet, marble, metal and pattern-rich rugs is absolutely brilliant.


The waiting benches received a beautiful overhaul.


The surprises simply don’t end at this place. A nook in the station opens up to the wonders of Milkbox Ice Creamery. Painted in shades of buttercup yellow and sky blue, with white subway tile detail – you feel transported to an incarnation of yourself as a child in 1950s America, even if that wasn’t part of your existential reality. That, my friends, is ingenuity in design.


The magical space with the chandeliers, arches, and light filtering in through the copious windows.

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