The Holiday of Love

I love candles. The love is hereditary. My Mom always had candles lit – for the lighting ambiance, delightful scents and to exude all her hostess warmth. So in honor of my favorite holiday which is coming up very shortly (ahem, Valentine’s Day), I am presenting one of my recent favorites – Voluspa’s Prosecco Rose Maison Candle. It literally smells like fresh cut roses. Couple that with your real roses (which your better half so thoughtfully presented to you) and in no time, you have a real romantic thing going on.

Then of course there is the opening of presents. It’s like Christmas, part two. Here’s a round-up of my pink wish list!

Rebecca Minkoff ‘Micro Moto’ Leather Satchel  – started sporting this today.



Pink and Gold Agate Coasters from Jonathan Adler


And look what I found on sale at Anthropologie! Swirled Agate Knobs


Crewel Blossom Pillow Cover at West Elm


Flamingo Jacquard Bath Towel, Poppy at West Elm

Canyon Fringe Hammock at Anthropologie – not yet check


Velvet Marryn series at Anthropologie

I would sit on my new furniture wearing this from my new favorite designer, Donna Morgan… Print Chiffon Blouson Dress – sadly this is sold out in my size. But how perfect for Cupid Day, and more importantly, to match my dream sofa above?4694879

Here are some loving images to inspire all sorts of love thoughts and creativity in you.







Happy Valentine’s Day, friends! xoxo



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