A Vintage Credenza

Huge news. We bought our first home in the Harsimus Cove neighborhood of downtown Jersey City. This charming and quaint historic quadrant of the city is amazing – with zoning laws, a cathedral and a basilica a block away, charming cafes and restaurants and pristine tree-lined streets of brownstones. Our building is the rare new construction (with a token brick exterior). The first weekend we moved into our new home, we found this on the street.


Vintage. Mid-century. Solid wood construction. Perfect construction state. So much storage potential. These were the words buzzing in my brain in the split second impulse. I immediately had a divine prophecy and insisted to my husband (who had major qualms about my impulsive decision) that we take this guy home asap. Hence began my first DIY project for new home!


After some major muscle power (thank you bouncers from the bar across the street and the Escalade taxi driver) that helped us to get this beauty home, I started contemplating of what I must do. The decision was to keep it simple and neutral so that it does not overpower the other pieces of furniture that will go into our living room (not yet procured).

The first step involves removing the drawers and giving the skeleton a very good clean. The credenza was extremely dusty with super dust bunnies growing everywhere from the 60+ years of existence and no cleaning. I began with doing  intense cleaning of the dated piece.

Once things were shiny and squeaky clean, I sanded the surfaces a bit adn applied Zimmer’s primer all over.

I painted the legs/bottom frame a gold color to give the effect that the credenza is held up with a gold metal frame. The top surface didn’t have a great finish with the primer, so I put on a marble liner (which happened to fit perfectly in width) – giving the effect that the top is an actual marble slab. Believe me, people are fooled every single day. Every single day.

The final product, next to the glorious palm plant (now RIP):


This is how Mr. C  was decorated for the holidays. Still fooled by the marble, aren’t you. Don’t lie. You know you are.


Materials: Modern Masters ME658-06 Metallic Gold Rush // Rust-Oleum Corporation 02001 Water Base Primer, 1-Gallon, White // Capri Tools 00308 Brush Paint Stain Varnish Set with Wood Handles, 5-Piece // Elmer’s E855 Carpenter’s Wood Filler, White // Sandpaper // Marble Liner //


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