Bidding Adieu to NYC

So now that everyone knows that we moved to Jersey City, you must also know that I very sadly bid adieu to NYC after living there for 7 years. And obviously, we had a leaving NYC party.


On the menu were local treats. Assorted cupcakes from Little Cupcake Bakeshop.


Favors for the guests – Italian cookies from Cafe Roma.


I made pasta salad served in green shot glasses:


There was also carrot and celery sticks in Cilantro sauce:


Then healthy bites included a bruschetta with cucumber and roasted pepper tapenade, along with tofu in spicy peanut sauce with pineapple. These were totally innovative and I came up with these recipes on my own. Winner move.


Most importantly, what did thirty guests drink?


Just kidding. Though we did do shots of Patron Cafe at the end. I made a punch drink with macerated fruits with Grand Marnier Raspberry Peach as the main spirit. It was topped with soda, juice and vodka.

We also emptied out the apartment to create room for the bar cart. The apartment next to us was empty – so we moved our desk/chair next door for the evening.


This was my fun arrangement for the shots. I got these neon shot glasses from Urban Outfitters during their summer sale.


And I wore this. A jumper from French Connection.


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