Diwali in our new home

2016 was a momentous year for Indian American Hindus living in the US. The US Postal Service honored and commemorated the Hindu festival of Diwali with a forever stamp.


As you know, every year I send out holiday cards around the Christmas theme – mainly because I like to use the holiday stamps. Please see previous posts about holiday cards here. In 2016, I decided to switch things up and send out Diwali holiday cards instead to our ~100-address mailing list. I used Vistaprint to bulk order Diwali cards and chose this yellow design – also available in red and purple.


How cool that they came with customized seals! Love envelope seals!



Much earlier, I had already ordered the new address stamp for our new home in Downtown Jersey City.



These cards promptly arrived about two weeks before Diwali (October 30, 2016), they were promptly addressed and mailed out. Hoping that everyone appreciated the use of the Diwali stamps!

For the actual festival, we decorated our home. This is a festival of lights, so diyas and candles are central to adornments. First, the entrance is lit up to ensure Goddess Lakshmi feels honorably welcome.

Then moving on to the kitchen island decoration.



Our Pukara bulls also got some enlightenment around them.


The main Pooja, religious ceremony and prayer, was performed in our second bedroom. This room will be home to future munchkins – so major blessings and auspicious vibes in this room are always welcome 🙂





And here we are all dressed up for the festivities!


Decor from Target: Honeycomb Barrel as a lamp stand,  Nate Berkus Quail Taper Candle Holder

Lovely scented candle from Red Flower: Indian Jasmine

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