Nostalgia at Prince & Mott

250 Mott will forever be precious to our hearts. It was the first home we shared together in the very charming historic (and quite unarguably the best neighborhood in Manhattan) Nolita.  We were super lucky to live across the beautiful Basilica of St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral – making for a lovely tree-lined, quiet street in the tremendously picturesque and hence rather touristy neighborhood. I mean it was basically the best street to live on in the best neighborhood in the City. Since having moved to a lovely condo where we are homeowners, not a single days goes by where we regret having spent two years on NYC rent for the Nolita glorified studio that we shared as newlyweds. It was worth every penny.


So as I begin serious work on my blog – a mission for 2018 – I feel that the obvious choice for a first post of the year is a reflection on this beloved home. I present to you a never-seen-before tour of our palace, enjoy!












Evolution of the living room gallery wall:




Iteration 1 –


Iteration 2 –


Iteration 3 –


Other features –


The prized view from the light-filled windows:


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